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Roti paratha vegan pie

Vanka-Kawat Moesson Vegan pasteitjes

recept roti paratha met vegan vulling


– 2 packs of Spring Home Roti Paratha Plain (frozen)

– 1 can of Nature’s Charm young green jackfruit

– 8 tablespoons of oil

– 3 shallots, small cut

– 3 cloves of garlic, finely cut

– 2 tablespoons of palm sugar

– 2 carrots, small cut, blanched

– 2 stalks of young leeks, cut into half thin rings, blanched

– 5 sprigs of celery

– 1 nutmeg

– 4 tablespoons of rice flour

– 100 cc of water

– salt

– pepper



– heat the oil

– add the finely chopped shallots

– add the drained jackfruit

– stir everything well

– fry the garlic pieces

– add the palm sugar

– stir-fry the chopped carrot pieces, the leeks (cut into thin rings) and the finely chopped celery

– add 4 tablespoons of rice flour

– add the grated nutmeg

– keep stirring, add water for a dash of water and season to taste with salt and pepper

– let the mixture cool down!

– preheat the oven to 190 degrees Celsius

– place 10 frozen Roti Parathas to thaw on the table. Place the mixture on one half of the roti

– fold the roti over and press the edges firmly together with a fork

– place the half-moon roti on a baking sheet and cover it with baking paper

– they are browned within 20 minutes. Serve hot.