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About Vanka-Kawat

In Asia, cooking has become a true art. The age-old knowledge of this refined cuisine is still passed on from generation to generation. Vanka-Kawat would like to share this cooking art and the emotion that goes with enjoying Asian food with you and for this we have been importing and producing both authentic and innovative Asian products for more than 65 years. Preparing delicious exotic meals is surprisingly easy with our products. If you have questions or suggestions, you can of course always reach us via our website.

We import a large part of our products directly from the Asian countries of origin to The Netherlands. The factories in Asia with which we do business have a long and reliable track record of taste, quality, sustainability and social responsibility. Dream with us on a culinary journey to Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Japan and Singapore.
We produce another part of our products in our Dutch factory, based on both authentic and also innovative recipes.

Quality and service are of paramount importance to us. For example, our factory and wholesale activities are certified for the food safety label FSSC22000. Furthermore, our company works in accordance with the quality standards of HACCP and we have an extensive computer system that includes matters such as EDI and quality. Vanka-Kawat is also Skal certified for the trade, import and production of organic products. With motivated employees, we continuously work to improve our company even further in order to provide the best service to our customers.


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Our customers

  • Toko’s and other specialty shops; delivery or cash&carry at our own sales points (Daily’s in Amsterdam and The Hague).
  • Supermarkets; EDI, GS1 data source, DC, cross-dock.
  • Foodservice, wholesalers and cash&carry wholesalers.
  • Export.

We deliver to customers all over Europe from our main warehouse in The Hague. We also have our own cash & carry wholesalers (B2B) in Amsterdam and The Hague. Our factory is located in Zoetermeer.


Our mission

Vanka-Kawat’s mission is to market tasty and high-quality Asian foods that consumers can use to prepare their own dishes. Awareness of the different ingredients that together form a delicious meal to your own taste is important here.


What does the name Vanka-Kawat mean

Our company was founded in 1958 by the in 2016 deceased Mr. G.L. van Kasteren. The name Vanka-Kawat is an abbreviation of the family name (Van Kasteren) Vanka combined with the name of the iron wire factory that the family owned in Indonesia Kawat (wire in Indonesian).